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10:00 PM (Randall posting): We've had a gloriously normal day. Susan left early for work and both girls slept in a bit. We had a slow morning and eventually got around to returning the car that was loaned to us from the dealer for the night. After that we ran some errands and had lunch at home, followed by naps and quiet rest. We had dinner at home and went to pick the loaner car back up.

Tomorrow we take the check to the dealer and can claim the 2003 Honda Accord as our own. We're all really, really happy with this purchase and really, really happy to have it over with. Thank you to whomever suggested donating the Oldsmobile to charity because that is quite likely what we will do.

Both girls seem to have had a great day (they even got along pretty well most of the time) and that made for a good day for their dad!


Wow! A new car! I'm so happy you guys were able to find a new automobile. Enjoy! Now I've got to get use to seeing you in something besides the white Oldsmobile! It sounds as though Sophie is feeling much better too.