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2:50 PM: Sophie and I have arrived home from our visit to the clinic. We left just after 7:30 this morning and got there around 9:30. They used numbing cream on her thighs and gave her the injection at 10:30. They let her go after observing her for a half hour to make sure she wasn't going to have an allergic reaction. After we left the clinic, we walked over to the hospital to visit a friend whose baby (Macie, almost 8 months) has AML and is in the hospital for their second phase of treatment (AML patients stay in the hospital for their treatments and go home for breaks between phases--I can't even imagine how difficult that must be). We saw our favorite nurse Erin (hi, if you're reading this Erin!) and hung out for a while. She seemed happy to be there, but I found it challenging. I very much enjoyed talking with Macie's mom (and meeting some other parents in the hallway), but being in the hospital just reminds me of the most challenging times during our experience, and it makes me so thankful we are admitted only infrequently.

Sophie and I stopped at the mall for lunch and picked up a few things. We had a great ride home, and she is now taking a nap. I'll definitely be joining her. I'm wiped out!


I'm glad to hear that today went well. I hope that you will have a restful evening.

I'm glad all went well today, I can only imagine how hard it must be. I had the opportunity to meet Macie when Hannah was hospitalized. She came into the room one day and Erin introduced us. Macie and Erin both are precious people. By being around Erin for only a short amount of time you can tell that she's a natural at what she does. Please tell her hello from us when you see her again. Have a good night. I am sure Elisabeth is having a blast. Laura