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6/11/05 PM

7:30 PM (Susan posting): We are finally home. What a day it has been. Elisabeth and I headed out around lunchtime, and it turned out that there was a lane closure on I-40 that had traffic backed up. Not long before we decided to take an alternate route to the hospital, I noticed that the car was not accelerating normally and was making odd noises. We got off the interstate only to find that we were not the only ones to have that bright idea and sat in traffic. The car was running rougher and rougher. Just as I slowly passed by our normal in-town car repair place, I thought about pulling in, but I really wanted to get to the hospital. Not 15 feet past the place, the car completely died. I managed to pull into the turning lane so we didn't block traffic, and Elisabeth and I walked over to the car repair shop. They said they wouldn't be able to get to it until Monday and suggested we rent a car. Just our luck, all the places closed at noon (it was 2:00). I called a few friends from work, and found my friend Phillip. He was nice enough to drop everything and bring his whole family and two cars over to meet us, and he left one of their vehicles with us to borrow until Tuesday. I finally made it to the hospital around 4:00.

It took a while to get discharged and away from the hospital, but we finally pulled into Dunn around 5:45. We found an open pharmacy so we could get our prescriptions filled for the glucometer and related supplies while we had dinner. We're home now, and we'll get things settled and get both girls in bed early (I hope). I'm looking forward to having things back to normal.

As hard as today was, I'm thankful that I was within walking distance of the car repair place when the car died, and I'm thankful that I had a friend willing to let us borrow his car (and deliver it), and I'm so thankful to be home together as a family.


Susan, Car trouble must be catchy. The water pump on my car needs replaced. Christopher is bringing the part in the morning. I am hoping that the guy who agreed to replace it doesn't back out on me and gets it done by 8am Monday morning so I can get on the road to Winchester again. I am also very thankful that you were able to reach a true friend who had a vehicle to loan you while yours is disabled again. Maybe that wire that was loose came loose again, although I don't remember that the car ran roughly before it stopped. I am asking the Lord to teach both of us the lessons He wants us to learn from the automotive events in our lives.
I am glad that Sophie has been able to return home. How does this effect her chemo since I think day 11 was on Friday? I hope that the dietary changes go smoothly also.
Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen