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4:45 PM (Susan posting): What a normal, wonderful day today has been. This morning, it wasn't unusally stressful getting everybody ready and out of the house for church. Church went well. Everyone was happy to see us, and we were certainly happy to see them. The sermon went well. Most of the Sunday School teachers couldn't be there today, so I ended up leading a combined adult class. We had a nice lunch (with only minimal fussing from Sophie about having to eat protein with her carbs), and we got a good, long nap (over 2 hours!). We're having a late healthy snack, and Dawn will be coming over soon so Randall and I can go to Bible study and then out to dinner on our own.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers, thoughtfulness, and generosity. Our family is doing well, and we are moving forward from this especially stressful time.


I am so glad that you had a good day. I can only imagine how stressful things have been for you lately. I read something today that I have found to be so true - "When it pours, my God reigns". You have people who only try to understand what your family is going through and who all want the very best for you all.
Haley asked today for me to check to see if Elisabeth has her splint off - I forgot to tell her. She's ready to see Elisabeth - we leave for vacation this week and when we get back next week, I told her we would make it work for them to get together to play if all is ok for Sophie to be exposed. Have a good week and I we will keep you all in our prayers. Laura

It is good to hear that you had such a good day. After such a hard week, I am sure it was much needed and much appreciated. I hope that this week will be less stressful than lsat week.

You are all in my thoughts.

Hope this week is filled with enjoyment and happiness that each of you deserve, desire and need. Just to let you know, we love and care for each of you and are still trusting that brighter days are just ahead. Love and prayers Deanna Tew