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6/13/05 4:30

4:30 PM (Susan posting): We decided a trip to Durham was too much tonight. Randall did a bit of local car shopping with Elisabeth this afternoon, and we thought it would be nice to relax tonight instead of running around. Plus, we still have to do baths and change Sophie's dressing tonight. We'll head to Durham in the morning and take care of everything then.


My name is Polly, and my husband, Jim, and I are parents of three children ages, 14, 16, and 19. Our 16-year-old son, Adam, has been having some health difficulties this year with recurring viral and bacterial infections. In May, his white blood cell count went up to 26,000, indicating a severe bacterial infection, but the pediatrician didn't want to wait around before prescribing a strong antibiotic (Augmentin) so we never really knew for sure what the source of the infection was. Anyway, since Adam had had some sort of infection every month since January, I started to become very concerned about his health and began to do some searching on the web. While searching under high WBC, I somehow came across the blog you are keeping for Sophie, and I've checked back on it now and then to read your updates. I've wanted to leave a little note for a few weeks now, just to say that I wish you all the best, but as a stranger, I felt I shouldn't comment at all. However, after reading one of the comments made about how it is not God's will for your daughter to have leukemia, I was moved to leave a comment at last. I believe that God is love, and though I'm not by any stretch of the imagination an expert on anything about the ways of God, I do not believe that he would ever, ever desire for a child to suffer. I'm not even sure I believe a loving God would permit it, but that's a theological issue I won't touch here. I just wanted to say that as I've read your blog, I've been struck by the dignity, faith, and strength your family has demonstrated throughout all of the difficulties you have endured.

Although I considered myself to be a Christian at one time, there came a point in my life in which I no longer felt I could believe as I once had. I won't go into it here, but part of my problem with Christianity had to do with the problem of pain.

My husband and children are Christians, and they, too, find a great deal of comfort and strength in their faith. I just wanted to let you know that your continued faith throughout all your family has endured is a beautiful thing to behold. I wish you all the very best and send all my best wishes, thoughts, and prayers (though I'm not a Christian, I am still a theist and I still do pray) for Sophie's full and speedy recovery.
P.S. Our son seems to be doing very well now. We just had him checked out at Children's Hospital in Chicago by an Infectious Disease specialist. They ran an immunoglobulin test on him, and that came back normal so at this point, they do not believe there is an underlying cause to his recent string of illnesses. They just think he had a bad year due to his asthma and they are sending us to an allergy/asthma specialist. I have pictures of him (and our whole family) posted at www.tomatotree.neptune.com--the visitor password is wickbaby.