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8:30 PM (Susan posting): We're having another good day. Today Randall had a "Daddy day." He drove to Durham (in our new car) for an eye appointment (he picked out some new glasses after he found out that his eyesight is actually improving with age), and then he spent some time shopping at Nordstrom (where a big men's sale started today). He also stopped by Duke to drop off some paperwork and saw some friends. It sounds like he really enjoyed having some time on his own.

Meanwhile, we had a girl's day at home. We all behaved reasonably well and had a good time. Sophie took a pretty good nap (in spite of several phone calls during her nap). Sophie had worn some new PJs last night, and she was so fond of them, she wore them all day. Luckily, they are quite fashionable, so she didn't look too shabby. We played in the yard after dinner tonight (the weather has cooled off a lot, and it was actually quite pleasant). Elisabeth will take her last dose of amoxicillin tonight--the ear infection seems like a distant memory now that so much has happened.


What a great day! I hope that today will be another good day for you all and that you can have some moments enjoying the summer.