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9:50 PM (Randall posting): Today was a long day. Susan left early for work and the girls and I went the clinic. On the way up the air conditioning in the minivan seemed to be acting up, and by the time we got to Chapel Hill I was pretty certain it had died. I know it sounds like we can't get a break when it comes to car trouble, but there you go. The clinic was unusually busy today, which made for a generally stressful time, especially with two girls there.

On the way in, out of the blue, Sophie piped up and said, "I like doctors. I like nurses. I like hospitals." I'm glad she's so enthusiastic about this. I remember Dr. Gold telling us at the very outset that there would come a day when Sophie would be eager to get to the clinic, and sure enough, he's right. Even though Sophie pitched a holy fit when it was time to give her the shots today, afterwards she insisted that she still likes doctors and nurses and hospitals.

After we got home, a friend of Susan's from work came and took Elisabeth to the movies. That was a nice treat and a special thing for Elisabeth to do all alone. I haven't actually had a chance to debrief from Elisabeth's first trip to the clinic, but I'll be curious to hear what her thoughts are. When Sophie got her shots, Elisabeth insisted on being in the room with us, which was pretty surprising. I don't know that I would have wanted to be in that room if I were her. She really, really loves her sister, though. I imagine that it's helpful for her to know and understand a little bit of what Sophie goes through.


I'm glad that the clinic visit went well. I was actually surprised that Elisabeth was allowed to go. When I went to the hematologist today (at Georgia Cancer Specialists that also does chemotherapy) for my monthly blood test, I was told that OSHA would fine them $10K for allowing the kids to go with me. (They've been going with me since they were born!)

I hope that Sophie is feeling okay and eating well today.