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5:45 PM (Susan posting): We're doing well today. Most of us slept in this morning (little miss sunshine was awake at 6:30, but I went back to sleep after I got Sophie settled). We had a quiet morning, and one of our friends from church called to say she ahd picked some squash for us. The girls and I went over around 11:30 and caught them finishing lunch. Of course, she wanted to share, and the girls wanted to taste some of the vegetables she had cooked, so we had a nice meal. Randall really missed out. We hung out and talked and had a great time, and before we left, we took a tour of their fairly large garden. The girls enjoyed riding in the golf cart, and they definitely didn't want to leave when it was time to go home. We had a great time. Sophie napped for three and a half hours, so it was a quiet afternoon. We're looking forward to dinner at home and some relaxing time tonight.

Some friends of ours are coming into town late tonight, and we'll spend tomorrow and Sunday morning with them. Randall's making good progress on his sermon today, so he should be able to spend lots of time with them. His sermon will be in the narrative style (turning a Bible passage into a more detailed story), and I really like that kind, so I'm looking forward to it.