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3:45 PM (Randall posting): The minivan is loaded and we are soon going to head out (finally--it always seems to take us such a long time to get ready to go somewhere). If all goes well, we'll arrive just in time to go to bed, which sounds pretty appealing right now! We do plan on posting while we're away, so those of you who check in every day will be able to keep up with how things are going. Although we are looking forward to this "break" we know that we travel with more uncertainty than normal, and we're all a little nervous. Hopefully this vacation will bring us what we need as a family, a chance to catch our breath and just relax, if only for a day or two.


I hope you will have a great trip and some memorable family time!

Hope you have a great time together. You deserve to be in teh presence of the Lord and restored by His spirit. Be blessed and enjoy each other. What a joy the children seem! (I loved reading about Sophie's new words.) - Kafi (Samuel's mother).

I'm so happy to think about you being on vacation! I hope the weather cooperates and that you all stay well. I can imagine trying to pack everything you need -- seems there's always something you leave behind.

Mother continues to do well. She had a urinary track infection Friday, but we had a routine appointment with her doctor, so he got her started on medicine, and she's fine, except for being a little sleepy.

We made two big zuchinni casseroles Saturday with the first squash from our garden (one for us and one for you!). I think we are going to be overrun with squash. I'm going to look for throwaway containers that we night use.

Be happy and have a wonderful time!

Have a wonderful vacation, all of you. Despite the upheavals, there's something really satisfying about getting away from home with family and lots of good books, and with new and interesting things to see and do.
I'll look forward to reading the stories.