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7:00 PM (Susan posting): We're here! We're having a great time. We arrived at about 7:00 last night, and Elisabeth couldn't have been more excited. We're in a nice condo (kitchen, living/dining, two bedrooms, and two baths). After we got unpacked, we drove down to the grocery store, and we picked up some beach towels at one of the gaudy beach stores. It turns out we forgot a lot of things (beach chairs, gazebo, basket to carry things in, and it seems like quite a few other things), but not having them has meant less to carry (to and from the car and to and from the beach). The girls were too excited to go to sleep, so they were up pretty late.

Of course, they were up at the crack of dawn, and we headed down to the beach after breakfast. Elisabeth can't get enough of the water, and Sophie is pretty scared of it. When the waves come near her, she lifts her little feet up and down and starts crying, never thinking that all she has to do is back up. We fill up buckets of water, and she plays merrily by the blanket. A little before 10:00, Sophie and I headed inside for a potty trip and a snack. We didn't mention that she had another low blood sugar incident during Sunday School yesterday (I swear, we fed her breakfast!), so we're trying to be extra careful (but she's also being extra finicky). Then Elisabeth and I went over to the pool while Sophie and Randall spent more time at the beach. The pool has a water slide you go down on an innertube, and Elisabeth loved it. I liked the pool better too. We came in for lunch, and Sophie took a short nap (too short!), while Randall and Elisabeth went back to the pool. Despite re-applying sunscreen, they both got burned. Sophie and I are fine though. Once they came inside, everyone but me took a nap, and we just finished dinner.

We're thinking we'll go for a walk on the beach fairly soon, and then we'll head to the pool. We have to change Sophie's dressing tonight, so it seems like a good time to let her go swimming (we basically have to apply a larger dressing over her regular dressing, with her "tail" coiled up inside it). Once we have her fixed up this way, she can swim as much as she wants, but we have to change the whole dressing as soon as she comes out. If we're going to have trauma tonight, we might as well enjoy swimming beforehand. Randall was just outside making a phone call (our cell phone reception is very weak here), and he says it feels wonderful outside. He was just making reservations for a dolphin watching boat ride tomorrow. We're excited!

I've been trying all day and last night to get through on the modem number, and this has been my first opportunity. If you don't hear from us tomorrow, it's most likely because I couldn't get online--so don't worry! Thanks for all the comments, we love hearing from our friends and family.


I hope you have a wonderful time and see lots of dolphins. I think dolphins are pretty neat mammals. I don't blame Sophie - I like the beach best on tape myself. Rachael doesn't like sand to touch her or the grass for that matter. I supspect as she gets older that will change. Enjoy your family time together. Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen

Sounds like a fabulous time that you all are having! Wonderful!

Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Vacations are great and getting away from "day to day normalcy" (whatever that is) has a way of making everyone relax. I never heard you say which beach you were going to but wherever you are ENJOY!
Sophie and Elisabeth I hope you both have TONS OF FUN and don't forget to build a sandcastle, turtle, or a little mermaid!

Hey Susan!

I'm delighted to hear that you and your family have this time away together at the beach. By the way, where are you? Which beach? I'm just wondering, because everyone here in SC usually means "Myrtle Beach" when they talk about the beach without specifying.

Enjoy the rest of your time there and travel safely coming back!

Miracles & Blessings,
Deneen :-)