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3:30 PM (Susan posting): It's our last day on our own, and we're doing well. I asked Ruth (a church member, who Sophie is particularly fond of) to come help us this morning with Sophie's dressing change. I think Ruth was a little scared about doing that, but she did a great job of comforting Sophie and holding her hands away from the site. She cried, as usual (Sophie, not Ruth!), but she got over it quickly.

Randall called today to let me know that Jacquelyn and Elisabeth appeared to have picked up a stomach bug of some sort. Elisabeth actually threw up when they were shopping today, and he was worried about whether she would be able to travel, or whether bringing her home would introduce something dangerous to Sophie. We decided they should prepare to travel and see how she did throughout the day. He called later to say she seemed to be feeling better and hasn't thrown up again. So, they're going to come home, and we'll be extra sure to wash hands and try to reduce germ exposure.

Randall's dad (Bill) and his wife Donna will arrive tonight around dinnertime and will stay through Friday. Something makes me think they're on one of those low-carb dieats, and most of the things we usually eat are far from low-carb. I'm thinking we'll go out to dinner and talk about what kinds of things they would like to eat while they're here and then do a bit of grocery shopping before heading home. Randall and Elisabeth arrive at the airport at 9:45 tonight (and we're an hour from the airport), so it will be a late night for them.


Glad Sohpie continues to do well and hope that Elisabeth is feeling better. I am sure she will be glad to be home and sleep in her own bed. I know it will be good to have some extra help around the house with Randall's dad visting. Have a good visit.