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10:30 PM (Randall posting): Well, Elisabeth and I didn't get in quite as early as any of us expected. Our flight out of Minneapolis was delayed for no apparent reason and we spent at least an hour at the gate with no air conditioning in a completely full aircraft--ugh! Once we left the gate I was beginning to wonder if we were going to taxi all the way to Raleigh, but we finally got off the ground.

We pulled into the driveway around 12:30 this morning. We've all been a little tired today. Thankfully Dad and Donna have been here to help. Sophie and Elisabeth mostly seemed happy to see each other, although there has been a fair amount of squabbling over who gets to play with what. Elisabeth had her first piano lesson today, and she seemed to enjoy it a lot. I think she mostly enjoyed being "old enough" to do something like that.

Sophie and Elisabeth went to sleep tonight in the same room (Elisabeth's, with Elisabeth on the top bunk and Sophie on the bottom). I never thought that would happen, but the two of them must have been quite tired and after about 30 minutes of chatting, they were quiet (although Sophie has been fussing for the last 20 minutes or so, not sure what that is about).

It has been hard to be at home today, mostly because it has been overwhelming at times with all that needs to be done around the house, the phone ringing off the hook (seems like), the cat coughing up a hairball the size of Montana (while I'm on the phone), and the kids being kids. I am thankful that there is nothing pressing on me this week and I'll be able to enjoy just spending time at home with the girls (I could do without the cat and the hairball, though).


Glad to know you guys returned home safely, trust that you had a great time. Susan I'm sure you were ready to have them back as well. So good to hear that Sophie is getting along good with the treatments this time so far.Hope you enjoy the guest and these hot summer days!! Blessings to all!! Deanna