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8:30 PM (Susan posting): It's been quite a day. Sophie woke up this morning around 7:00, saying that she had to go potty and that her tummy hurt. Randall took care of her, and she went back to sleep (our first clue that something was up). When the home health care nurse came to check Sophie's blood levels at 9:30, Sophie was still asleep. I got her up, and she was totally limp and lethargic (but conscious). She wouldn't sit up, and she clearly just wasn't herself. He heart rate was low, her blood pressure was very low, and her temperature was 95.

I called the doctor, and he said it sounded like her blood sugar was low. The nurse checked it, and it was 40 (apparently, that's very low). I gave her orange juice and gogurt, and it was up before too long. The doctor said it may have been a random thing, but it can also be associated with infection, so he asked us to go to the local ER to have her blood checked, draw a blood culture, and begin administering antibiotics.

Given our recent experiences with the local ER, we decided to have her transported by EMS, hoping that would get them to treat her more seriously. I knew we were in trouble when the EMS told the ER as we approached that he was bringing in a diabetic 3-year old with low blood sugar (I think there's a huge difference between diabetes and cancer, but I'm no doctor). They put her in a private triage room immediately, but did nothing with her for over an hour. When our doctor called to check on her, the ER doctor told him we had "just arrived" (when we had been there for an hour at least). They finally drew blood and put her on normal saline (instead of the dextrose I'm fairly sure he wanted her to have), and eventually, they started the antibiotic.

When the blood results finally came back, they showed her white counts to be elevated, which may be a sign of infection, so our doctor asked them to discharge her so we could drive her to Chapel Hill. We finally arrived at about 4:30, and her room was ready. Amazingly, it's the same big room we've been in both other times we've been hospitalized. Her blood sugar was kind of low again by the time we were admitted, but it's been fine ever since.

Since this is the second time she's had problems with her blood sugar (the other time was in the clinic when she was pretty far down the list of kids having spinal taps), Dr. Gold said he wants to call in an endocrinologist to meet with us tomorrow. I don't know if he's going to run any tests or just give us advice about how to avoid this in the future. They also want to watch the results of the blood culture tomorrow, but Dr. Gold says she'll probably be able to go home tomorrow afternoon (but we've heard that before--we won't hold our breath).

Elisabeth was home with Bill (Randall's dad) and Donna, while they all waited for Randall to come home (he had driven to Fayetteville for a church conference, and I called and left a message telling him what was going on--he left as soon as he could). Elisabeth was pretty upset to see Sophie be taken away in an ambulance, but by the time Randall arrived, she was over it. Elisabeth stayed with church friends while Randall came to the local ER to pick me up and drive us to Chapel Hill. He left around 7:30 to stay with Elisabeth tonight. Elisabeth is still having some ear pain, but she seems to be doing fine.

Sophie is happily eating chocolate pudding (or should I say "puddin") and watching Blue's Clues. I hope she won't stay up too late tonight. Oh, and Randall and I had a really nice dinner out last night. We ended up going to a very good restaurant in Dunn and really enjoyed ourselves. I guess that was preparation for what we would face today.


My goodness, if it isn't one thing it is another. Are any of the symptoms that Sophie is having associated with the methotrexate IV? Does this episode delay day 11's therapy? I don't think the low blood sugars are associated with her chemo though. EMS is pretty good for "blood and guts" type of thing or heart attack things, but children are not usually their best assesset in my experience. Leukemia is very different from diabetes - in the NICU at any rate. I am thankful that at least Randall and Elisabeth were not half way across the country when this event occurred.
I do not know if you are aware that the folks that I work with are putting together "care" packages for Sophie and Elisabeth. I was not aware that this was being done until I came to work today. I am deeply touched by this action on their part. Looking at the posted list either someone has read all of the posts or spoken or emailed with you.
I am having some trouble with my car. The dripping that we notice was from the hose between the radiator and the water pump. Trish put a new hose on for me, but it continued to leak and run hotter than normal. When Christopher tightened the hose clamps yesterday, he noticed that the drip wasn't from the hose (the original hose was still on the engine with 319,000+ miles, but was drippiing from where the water pump is located. Trish was going to try and get a friend of their's to help her put another water pump on yesterday before I left for VA, but the guy didn't call when he got home from work. She was aftaid that if we just drove to the friend's house that he wouldn't be there to help and there wouldn't be enough sunlight left to get the job done. I just put more antifreeze in, prayed, and drove to VA. The car behaved pretty well and only ran hotter when I had to sit or go very slowly. This morning I put some stop leak stuff in the raidator and some more antifreeze. I thought I had put enough antifreeze in, but the car very quickly ran into the red, so I went back home to add more antifreeze. It then ran just fine the rest of the way to work and the temperature only went up a little at the lights. I went to the car to bring in the pictures of Rachael and Trinity to show the folks working today and noticed a lot of the antifreeze on the garage floor. I work in Cumberland this weekend and in Winchester again on Monday and Wednesday. I am praying that I will be able to keep the car running until I can get back to PA to get the water pump replaced.
I have to go. I just admitted a baby from the delivery room. Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen

What an ordeal yesterday must have been for you and Sophie! I hope that she is handling it well (chocolate pudding must help). How frustrating it must be that the ER just didn't respond to you.

I hope that Sophie will be able to come home today.

God's grace and peace be with you and Sophie as these things come your way. Most of all, I hope and pray that you get appointed closer to Chapel Hill so that you don't have to deal with the local ER any more!

We're praying for y'all.