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12:00 PM (Randall posting): Just a quick update to say that Sophie and I have returned from the clinic. We got there pretty early and were #2 for sedation. As expected, Sophie was not interested in going into the treatment room, but where there is a will there's a way. The anesthesiologist brought out a little something for Sophie to make her drowsy and then while we distracted her, we brought her into the treatment room where she was hooked up to the serious stuff. A few minutes later, the spinal tap was done and she was acting all loopy and silly. "It's too bad they didn't get to give me a shot," she said. Indeed! The other drugs were comparatively easy (a drip and an IV push), so we got out of there quickly. Sophie has lost almost three pounds in the last couple of weeks, but the staff didn't seem too concerned about it. I figure if you eat nothing but Clifford noodle soup (all day, mind you), you'd lose weight too.