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8:00 PM (Randall posting): The girls are in bed (early), but it's been a long day. Elisabeth in particular was wiped out after swimming lessons today and was pretty much worthless all afternoon. Sophie has seemed a little cranky/tired since yesterday (although less so today than yesterday). I attribute that either to the treatment yesterday or simply to the whole experience of going to the clinic early and going through the trauma of it all. Ashley from church came again today and sat with the girls while I ran errands and did some visiting and reading for sermon preparation.

Elisabeth continues to progress in swim lessons. Today's big accomplishment was treading water. I'm really proud of her for progressing as quickly as she has. Tomorrow is the last day and afterwards she'll be going home with a friend of hers from school (Haley). She's really, really looking forward to that!

We have been thinking for some time now that Sophie's hair might be growing back. She's still clearly losing hair (it's very thin towards the front), but underneath the long hair that's left, there's fine, downy stuff growing out. It's a little sign, I guess, that in spite of all that she has been through, her little body is fighting a good fight and struggling to grow and survive. Personally, although we are thrilled to be done with this latest phase of her treatment, it doesn't feel as if there is much down time. Sophie may start the next round (delayed intensification) as early as July 26th, which is sooner than it feels like it should be.


What great little girls we have! I hope your Thursday is a great one.

Hugs and kisses to all.