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9:00 PM (Randall posting): Today's meal of choice (for Sophie) has been cheese grits. Cheese grits, cheese grits, and more cheese grits. On top of that, she ate Jimmy Neutron soup, popcorn, cereal (with milk), and, of course, orange juice. I'd say that her taste in food has rebounded in a big way! Tonight she ate pizza and actually ate some of the pizza instead of picking at it like she usually does. It's been a good day at home with Sophie.

Elisabeth had a blast at her friend Haley's house today. When Laura (Haley's mom) came to pick Elisabeth up this morning, I thought Elisabeth was going to burst into tears she was so excited. The one thing Elisabeth insisted on taking with her was her latest American Girl catalog. As soon as Laura saw Elisabeth carrying that catalog, she said, "Haley's been toting that around for the last two days!" Birds of a feather.

Sophie's latest funny things include saying "I don't know about [fill in the blank]" regardless of whatever the topic of conversation is. "I don't know about dancing." "I don't know about cheese grits." "I don't know about pizza." You get the picture. No idea where that is coming from, because clearly she knows a lot about a lot of those things. We've been having storms in the afternoon lately, and Sophie has taken a dislike to "under" (thunder).


Kitty Supreme dislikes "under" too. It does make very loud noises.

I'm so glad both girls had good days. It makes everything seem better!

I came home to MORE zucchini -- I know what we will be doing today.

I hope you all have a very special day.

Much love....

I get so hungry when I read your updates! :) Hope that Susan's proposal got finished and that submission went through without any problems. Those grant proposals are always so stressful, and no matter what, they always seem to come down to a lot of work at the last minute. Thanks so much for taking the time to write these updates. I think about your family often, and it is nice to hear about how things are going for you.