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8:00 PM (Susan posting): It's been a pretty good day today. I stayed home today and only had to do about an hour of work, so it felt like a Saturday. Having a whole extra Saturday tomorrow feels like such a luxury. The girls have done well together. Sophie seems a little tired and gets upset really easily, especially for the last hour or so. She just had her bath, and we still need to do a cap change (with saline and heparin) for her chest catheter tonight (we do saline and heparin on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we do the cap change on Monday and Friday; the dressing change is just on Monday).

Elisabeth is still wearing the little ballet outfit she borrowed from Haley yesterday. She wore it to bed, and she's worn it all day. We may never get her out of it! We also learned during our visit to Haley's that Haley and her little sister Hannah can both ride a bike without training wheels. This inspired us to get out Sophie's bike (which is too big for her but a little smaller than Elisabeth's) and take out the training wheels. It touched my heart to see my husband helping Elisabeth ride around in the yard. It will take some more work, but I don't think it will be too much longer before she's riding on her own.

I hadn't realized how much we talk about food until I read Heidi's comment, so I won't disappoint. We got three bags of corn from a church friend, so we'll be spending lots of time freezing it tomorrow. The girls love corn! We also made a new recipe tonight. It was on a bag of ready to cook hash browns, and I tinkered with it to make it even better. A friend from work gave me a back issue of Cook's Illustrated that she had two copies of, so I'll probably be inspired to cook some more new things next week, especially when we're visiting my mom and grandmother at the end of the week (that is, if we can convince mom to take a break from zucchini). We're really looking forward to the trip.


I'm so glad you all had a good day -- I hope Sophie got to sleep and will feel rested tomorrow. Maybe Elisabeth can just wear the ballet outfit until you come! It's a good feeling to have clothes you love.

We are so excited about your visit. It'll be fun to do a bit of cooking together. There were more zucchini today -- and one really beautiful tomato.

Mom is feeling very weak and her tummy is still not back to normal. I wish I knew how to make her more comfortable.

Having days off is certainly a good thing.

Hugs and kisses to all.