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7:15 PM (Susan posting): I asked Randall just now what I should say in today's update. His response: "For sale--two children, slightly used." They do drive us a little crazy, but they sure are good kids most of the time, and we couldn't love them any more than we do. Sometimes, I look into their eyes, and my heart just swells.

It's been a pretty good day--a hot one for sure. Sophie actually slept in a bit this morning (7:30) and took a good nap. We've been arguing with Elisabeth most of the day about cleaning up her room, but she's made some progress. My mom would say this is karma, given the state of my room most of the time I was growing up (it's neat as a pin now, I swear, and you should see my tidy office).

Food update: Randall grilled a really good marinated pork loin, and I made some green beans with one of my new recipes. We're going to have some ice cream for dessert (but not Sophie, who doesn't like how cold it is). Whenever Sophie eats now, she says "My counts are getting higher!" She's a little confused about low blood sugar versus low blood counts, but at least she knows she needs to be eating.


We sure did enjoy the visit the other day and Elisabeth playing for the day. It must be a their age Haley hates to clean up, too. I am always on her about cleaning up behind herself. My mother says it's payback to me. It sounds like you all have had a relaxing past two days. Tell Elisabeth Haley says "Good Luck " on riding her bike. See ya after your trip. Laura

I must admit I get a bit of pleasure hearing about your battles with Elisabeth about cleaning her room. The hopeful thing is that, even though your room WAS often a disaster, you have certainly grown up delightfully tidy!

I'm looking forward to having you here, and helping Sophie keep her counts up -- with lots of zucchini! Isn't it great that she tries to take care of herself.

Two double recipes of zucchini casseroles today -- and more yellow squash frozen. I feel like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter.

Much love to all of you.