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10:30 PM (Randall posting): Susan and I are home from our date night (and grocery shopping). Ms Dawn is moving away next weekend, so we're not sure what we're going to do about our regular Sunday-night-after-Bible-Study-date-night after next weekend. We have been so thankful to have the regular opportunity to spend some time together as a couple.

I never know what to post on Sunday evenings. Our Sundays are so routine that there is often not much interesting to say. Sophie continues to eat very, very well (we needed to buy some more cheese grits tonight). She is, as always, her playful, cheerful self. With Susan having some free time on Friday, it has felt like an extended weekend this week, which has been nice. It's hard to believe that July is more than halfway over, and the summer is racing to an end. It's especially hard to believe when it is as hot as it has been this week.

We are looking forward to spending some time with Susan's mom and grandmother this week. It has been a long, long time since we went to visit them in Virginia. Elisabeth and Sophie are excited to see their Grammy and Nannie as well. We're hopeful that whatever Sophie's counts are, she'll remain strong enough to travel and won't pick up any sort of infection before, during, or after our trip.


We are so excited that we are going to see you. We had a lot of rain tonight, so there will be plenty of zucchini -- and tomatoes, I hope! I'll be sure to have lots of cheese grits for Sophie, although I know she may have another favorite food by then.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses to all.

Dear Partin Family,
I so love hearing from you and I think it is just SO GREAT that you, Randall and Susan, give of your time to keep many of us "in the loop." You seem to be managing a nice balance of family time, work time, school time, little-girl-who-gets-treatments time, little-girl-who-has-regular-little-girl-activites like swimming, overnights, etc.time and then putting in some dating time.

You continue to be in my prayers.

Love, Jan