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7:30 PM (Susan posting): It's been a full and satisfying day. We didn't manage to arrange anyone coming over to help with the girls today, but it seemed to work out fine. Randall spent most of the day visiting church members (one in the hospital in Chapel Hill), and I spent the day trying to finish up an article submission with a work colleague. The girls were mostly cooperative with giving me time to concentrate. We even got some play time in this morning.

Sophie is doing well. She's in a good mood and continues to eat well (5 packages of cheese grits today I think). We also did her dressing change after bath tonight, and it went incredibly well. We had been talking about it several times today, so it didn't come as a surprise, and when she asked me whether it would hurt, I told her it would hurt, but I would be as gentle as I could. When the time came, she wasn't the tiniest bit upset and said she wanted to pull off the old dressing herself (that's what always makes her cry the most). She pulled it right off without shedding a tear. She fussed a little bit when I cleaned the area with alcohol, but she definitely wasn't crying. Before we knew it, the new dressing was on, and we were finishing up the cap change. We're so proud of her. She's such an amazing kid!


I'm glad the dressing change went well.

We've been out of town for a while, but I've been thinking of Sophie and hoping that everything was going well.


What a big girl and a great helper!! She and Elisabeth are such great girls. Glad everyone had a good day. I read the update at daycare yesterday, and the picture of Sophie is just precious. She looks like she has gotten so tall. I do hope she can return soon as Sara Katherine asks about her often and instantly knew who she was when we showed her the picture. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Hope your trip is goes smoothly and have a wonderful time.