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9:00 PM (Susan posting): We had a nice day at home together as a family. Randall and I both took care of a bunch of little things (mine were mostly work-related, and his were mostly home finance-related), and it was very satisfying to get things arranged before the trip. Another thing Randall did was to copy several of his recorded sermons onto CDs for my mom and grandmother to listen to (they had asked him to do that).

As I heated up yet another bowl of cheese grits for Sophie's bedtime snack, I realized that she has consumed an entire box of instant over the last two days. Sometimes she eats three packages at a sitting. And she's not even on steroids yet. Heaven help us when she is.

We will try to update Sophie's weblog from my mom's computer while we're away. Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel and Sophie's continued good health. We're hoping she won't develop a fever or other signs of infection that would require a hospitalization while we're gone.


I hope that you will have a wonderful trip and visit with your mom (I guess that's where you are going?) I hope that her grocery store has lots of grits, unless, of course, the food of the moment changes, then I hope they have that too. And Laughing Cow!