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8:00 PM (Susan posting): It's been a nice day today. The girls and I ran errands this morning while Randall met with the college-age young adults at church (well, two of them, at least) and worked on his sermon. Elisabeth had wanted to go to Walmart, but I told her we needed to stick to drive-through type places because Sophie's counts are too low to be in crowded places. We decided to stop for a snack mid-morning at Sonic, and because there were no kids in the play area, I felt comfortable letting Sophie and Elisabeth play there instead of being confined to the car. At one point, Sophie started to climb up a ladder, got to the first rung and said, "My counts are too low to do this--I'd better get down." It's amazing the language that she picks up. She knows there are lots of things she can't do because her counts are too low, but I guess she doesn't understand why exactly!

I also picked up some tomatoes and peaches from a vegetable stand, so we had tomato sandwiches (with fresh basil we're growing in our yard) and fruit salad for lunch. Yum! While Sophie napped (and Randall tried to recover from a pretty bad headache), Elisabeth and I went out for the afternoon. We decided we would get our nails done before going grocery shopping. It was a fun, girly thing to do, and Elisabeth loved it! Unfortunately, the person who did our nails did a terrible job, but we felt pampered anyhow.

Sophie has not eaten well today, but she had a pretty good dinner. I tried a new recipe tonight from a new magazine we've decided to subscribe to--Cook's Illustrated. I love it, and it's making me feel excited about cooking. We were really in a rut. The girls didn't eat the new stuff, but they enjoyed their spaghettios (yuck!). We're going to try to get the girls in bed soon so we can enjoy some time together tonight. Randall's mostly done with his sermon, so he won't have to work all night. Sometimes we don't feel like we get much of a weekend, but with Monday being a holiday, we are really looking forward to a full day off.


I'm so happy you all had good days. I'm sorry about your headache, Randall, and hope that all traces of it are gone. Your manicures sound like fun. I bet you enjoy looking at your nails!

I got lots done, including four recipes of zucchini casseroles, with two vegetable drawers full to go! We had a good rain, caused by me watering our little flower garden and putting out three loads of wash. I should have done that earlier because we sure have been dry.

We got out first cucumbers, so had cucumber sandwiches for lunch! I also fixed a new cucumber recipe for dinner with sour cream and seasonings that we liked.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day, feel well and are full of joy.

Much love to all of you.