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2:40 PM (Randall posting): Just got off the phone with the clinic. Sophie's counts are still borderline. Actually, her ANC is just under the cut-off to begin the next phase of treatment. Dr. Gold suspects that they are rebounding (based on his reading of the monocyte count, which is pretty high, suggesting that her body is ready to begin producing the white blood cells that would raise her ANC levels). So, we'll go early to Chapel Hill in the morning, draw another blood sample and check then to see if she is high enough to proceed. We've done this once before, but the counts weren't high enough. We'll see if tomorrow will be any different.


I hope things go well today. I will be sending positive thoughts in your direction.

Mother is doing better -- still weak, but getting better and is not nauseated.

VERY hot here -- makes one appreciate air conditioning.

Hugs and kisses to all!