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11:00 AM (Randall posting): Susan and Sophie (and I) woke up early this morning so the two of them could get ready for the clinic visit. It turns out that Sophie's counts are still too low (the ANC actually dropped from 0.6 to 0.5, and it needed to be at 0.75 in order to continue the treatment). Unfortunately, that means that Susan made a trip to Chapel Hill for nothing. Fortunately, it means that we have another treatment-free week, so it is all a mixed blessing.

Taking a risk, Susan brought Sophie to VBS last night. She had a great time and everyone was happy to see her. I suspect that with her counts where they are, Sophie is fine with some exposure to small crowds of people, even if the counts are not strong enough to move forward with the next phase of treatment.

As we look forward to this next phase, I've discovered a serious drawback to learning how to live for the moment and live for today: when change comes (as it inevitably does) you don't always know how to handle it. I think we have definitely learned to "roll with the punches" a lot in these past six months, and it has certainly stretched us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. But if all you ever do is "roll with the punches" you never anticipate the next punch, the next hurdle, the next pothole. Maybe there's more of a balancing act required here--keeping our heads up with our eyes on the horizon, but sensitive to what is going on right now, today, and tomorrow.


Sorry you had the long drive for nothing, but maybe next week Sophie will be stronger and more ready to face the new treatment.

I'm so happy that Mother seems stronger, and her tummy feels better.

I hope you have a great day.

Much love to all.