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9:30 PM (Susan posting): We've had a good day today. Ashley (from church) came over to babysit the girls. Her brother Nick joined us later in the morning when their dad went to work. All the kids seemed to have fun together. I worked at home while Randall did some visiting and drove to Raleigh to pick up some books he had ordered. He and I met in Dunn for lunch and enjoyed eating together alone (that doesn't happen much any more). Then, while Sophie napped, I worked and everyone else went to swim in Enid's pool (she's Ashley and Nick's grandmother, also a church member). That was a great way to beat a hot day.

After her nap (3.5 hours today), Sophie was very crabby, bossy, fussy, and loud. She just didn't seem to be her normal cheerful self. Perhaps she slept too long, but I hate to wake her up. I'm also noticing that her eyes seem tired--they are often rimmed in red. Not sure if that means anything. She perked up once we got to VBS, and she showed off for everyone there. She didn't eat a lot for dinner, but she has consumed a lot of cheetos, grits, and Clifford soup, so I guess she's getting some calories. As has been the case every night this week, she is in her room right now, wide awake and tossing out occasional demands. It will probably be after 11:00 again when she finally goes to sleep. Perhaps we ought to try skipping nap one of these days and see how she does, but she's so clearly tired in the afternoon, it's hard to know what to do.


I'm looking forward to a day off, and getting clothes on the line -- I think we will have sun today, at least long enough to get clothes dried.

I need to do MORE zucchini casseroles, but at least the zucchini are slowing down to a manageable number. Now it is the tomatoes that are threatening to over run the house. However, I think I can take care of many of them by eating 3-4 a day!

I hope Sophie has a happier day today.

Hugs and kisses to all.