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9:30 AM (Susan posting): We realized at about 11:00 last night that we hadn't ever gotten around to posting yesterday. Nothing is wrong--all is well. We just had a busy, fun day. Ashley was here with the girls from 8-1, and then Sophie napped until about 4:00, so we were both able to work at home pretty well. Randall got some work done on his sermon yesterday, so we're hoping we can have a somewhat relaxing day today.

Just before 5:00 last night, we all got in the car and did some running around. We visited Enid, who is getting stronger every day. Then we had dinner and did a bit of grocery shopping. Back at home, we watched a couple of short movies with the girls and had fun together. We got both girls in bed well before 9:00 and had some time to ourselves before our own bedtime.

Sophie tried to pitch a big fit in the car yesterday just as we were leaving (the girls were arguing over a toy Elisabeth had brought). As their voices escalated, Randall turned the car around and told the girls that we were not going to go out if they planned to behave that way. As the car idled in front of the house, they pulled themselves together (especially Sophie), and we were on our way. They both did pretty well until the middle of the grocery shopping trip, when Sophie got upset about something and Randall took her out to the car for a little while.


hello everyone im glad to see you all had a great vacation our move went as good as it could with 4 kids and 3 dogs but i miss yous so much please give sophie and elisabeth my love and tell them i miss them ill talk to u soon bye