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7/30/05 PM

7:45 PM (Susan posting): What a satisfying day we've had today. We took care of lots of chores around the house, and everything looks so nice. Late this morning, a friend from church brought a warm blueberry crumble, and we ate it right away with some ice cream. What a nice Saturday morning treat! One thing we did today was clean out a couple of drawers in the TV armoire, and we discovered some pictures from when we first moved to North Carolina. Sophie was just a few months old, and I loved seeing the girls at that age. I was reminded of how dark and thick Sophie's hair was when she was born.

Sophie has had two time-outs today, and we've had a few talks with Elisabeth today (nearly all about sharing, or more accurately, the lack of it). Both girls have gotten baths, and we're going to watch another Wallace and Gromit movie tonight before the girls head to bed. Randall finished his sermon earlier today, so he'll practice a few times after the girls go to bed, and then we'll have some time to relax together.


Hi guys
Just found your blog and have spent the weekend getting caught up. Was impressed with how much grace and peace you seem to be bringing to this awful situation. Glad to see that you are spending as much time as possible on leading "normal" lives-good for you. Enchantment begins again soon and that always brings lots of fond memories of playing in Jane's living room with you! You are all in my prayers.
P.S. I love Wallace and Gromit!!!!