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1:00 PM (Susan posting): Randall is at Duke today working on research to write the 35-page paper he has to submit to finish his incomplete from last semester. I had a productive morning here at home. We had Dawn helping out with child care this morning, but she just left to work the afternoon at Countryside. She'll come back after work tonight so Randall and I can go out to celebrate. Today is our anniversary: 7/6/96--nine years! A couple of years ago on our anniversary, we were talking and reminiscing, and I lovingly said, "Randall, these have been the best six years of my life." He looked at me and said, "Susan, we've been married for seven years. Which year was the bad one?" We've laughed about that ever since.


Happy anniversary! I hope it has been the best 8 years of your life ;-) Read what Randall said about getting renewed energy for parenting, and that's great. I must say that I think you folks are already doing really great under the circumstances that you are working. No parents are perfect all the time, and your lives have been so disrupted. You've had so much more to contend with, that I can't imagine being able to stay totally on top of things. No one can, even under the best circumstances. Things slip sometimes, and that's okay - you will fix things when you can. It just takes so much energy. I think also when a child is sick parents naturally want to give the child a break, and when it is an extended or chronic illness that break can last awhile. At any rate, good luck, and hope you have a wonderful celebration!

Happy Anniversary!

Randall and Susan

I, too, wish you a belated Happy Anniversary. I laughed when you told the story about having one bad year!!! And I echo what Heidi Liss said about parenting and how hard it is for all parents. You have blocks in the road right now that make it harder for you to "parent" the way you want to and can. But the parenting you are doing now is absolutely fine and you will look back and see that it is just a "blip" in your family's life and things will get back to normal, whatever that means, one of these days. You are doing a great job.

I really to appreciate the way you are sharing your lives as openly as you do.

Love to you all, Jan

Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed thinking about your special day all day yesterday. I've been thinking a lot about your wedding, and all the people who chose to be with you. You have such great friends -- it must mean that you are both very special people! I certainly am happy that you are my family, and appreciate you every day.

I hope last night was a joy for you both.

Lots of love to you and the girls.