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9:00 PM (Randall posting): Today was a very packed day. Susan left very, very early this morning because she has a proposal she's working on at work. It's right up her alley and she's very excited about the possibility of getting it. Ashley from church came by this morning and babysat with the girls while I ran errands (visiting folks, mostly, which has been the hardest part of my pastoral responsibilities to keep up with--I can write a sermon between 9PM and midnight, but I don't think the folks at the nursing home would appreciate me visiting during those hours!). I'm thankful that we have somebody to watch the girls every now and then so that Susan and I can try and meet some of the responsibilities of our jobs.

I'm not sure, but it sounds like Sophie had another hypoglycemia episode today. Ashley said that Sophie ate some soup earlier in the morning, but didn't really eat a whole lot around lunchtime. When she went down for her nap, she complained about feeling sick and convinced Ashley that she was about to throw up. Given all that we've been through, Sophie really means it when she says she's going to be sick, so I believe it. Sophie never did throw up, though, and slept for a couple of hours. Once she got up, she was fine (and had a snack or two, of course). The girls watched Scooby Doo and ran around the house for the rest of the day. Home Health care comes on Monday and we'll find out then how Sophie's counts are doing. Tuesday is her final treatment in this phase of the protocol, thank God!


Busy, productive days surely do make one feel good!

I hope today will be a happy and healthy one. It's bright and sunny here, and I hope you are having the same kind of weather.

Hugs and kisses to all.