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9:15 PM (Susan posting): Today was pretty nice. I had worked a LONG day yesterday (I worked over 13 hours), but I finished the first draft of my proposal and e-mailed it to folks to review over the weekend. That meant I had nothing hanging over my head today. Randall got up with the girls this morning and let me sleep in past 9:30 (that was heavenly!). I got a few things taken care of around the house, and Randall had a church meeting and worked on his sermon. For lunch today, we went to Sonic (because we could eat in the car and not expose Sophie to infection). We realized it was the first time we had all four been in the car together since we came home from the beach, and it was nice. This is what we've come to that a trip to Sonic is an exciting family outing!

Sophie seems to be feeling well, and she ate well today. Her latest interesting speech quirk is that she is pronouncing words funny. It started when she began pronouncing the word "butt" (a funny word in itself, really) as "boo-ut" (as in, "I'm lookin' at your boo-ut!"). Now she's turning lots of one-syllable words into two syllables, with the first one having the "oo" sound. Tonight she asked me to read her a "boo-uk." I don't know if it's a strange new southern accent she's developing, or if she's just being weird.

Randall's practicing his sermon, the girls are in bed (but not quite asleep yet), I've knitted a few more rows on the scarf I'm making, and all is right with the world.