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7:45 PM (Susan posting): Whew--what a day! Sophie ended up sleeping from 7:00 last night until 11:15. So we gave her medicine then (we usually shoot from 8 PM). She ate a lot, went back to bed and was up again at 12:15 and again at 5:15. She wanted me to sit with her all three times, but Randall let me sleep in this morning (until 9:00), so I wasn't totally exhausted. I did join her in a nap this afternoon, which was just heavenly. She honestly spends nearly her entire day eating, going potty, or sleeping. I think she might have watched TV or played for a total of a half hour today.

We pushed her a little too hard this evening. There was an open house at Elisabeth's school, so we all went to that and then picked up some medicine for Sophie in town and had dinner. She was totally exhausted by the time we sat down to dinner. Of course, after carrying her around for the entire open house, I was pretty tired myself. She must be pushing 40 pounds. I think she could have done the open house or the dinner but not both. So Randall took her outside and rocked her while I ate, and then we switched off so he could eat. She fell asleep pretty quickly after we got home, and we'll medicate her whenever she wakes up tonight.

Elisabeth was beside herself with excitement during and after the open house. Seeing the staff and old friends was just great for her. Her new teacher seems very nice. We were disappointed to learn that Elisabeth and Haley won't be in the same class this year, but one of the girls from church (Kayle) is in Elisabeth's class, so that made it a little better. School starts Thursday! We're all looking forward to it.