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9:00 PM: It's hard to believe that it is already evening. I guess that is an indicator of how busy today has been. Susan had a Women's Breakfast at church this morning, so I was home alone with the girls for quite some time. Fortunately, Elisabeth watched TV most of the time (we have now returned to our no-TV-during-the-week rule since school started and I think she was suffering from withdrawal). Sophie took a long, long nap this morning. All of that meant that I wrapped up my sermon before lunch, which is always a satisfying feeling. Of course, I have my research paper to work on (still), so I went to work on that this afternoon.

Susan has been able to corral the girls (for the most part) to allow me to get a fair amount of work done. This afternoon, Elisabeth was invited to a back-to-school party at another church, and she had a blast. Sophie went for a while, too, but Susan brought her home early so Sophie could nap and eat.

That's pretty much been our day today. More of the same for Sophie: eat, nap, eat, nap, eat, nap, repeat. This evening she was complaining about her feet hurting, which is the first time in this whole steroid treatment that anything seemed to bother her in terms of pain. For much of the day today, Sophie has also been running a pretty low fever (it's never been above 99.9, so I don't know if technically that is a fever, but it's not been 98.6 all day). If the fever gets above 101, it becomes a problem. We'll keep our eyes out for that over the next couple of days. Her counts may be dropping soon (if they haven't already), so we'll need to become more vigilant about germs and the like.

Last night Susan and I went to bed around 9:30PM, and that seemed to help some with dealing with all our nocturnal goings-on. Unfortunately, Sophie was pretty demanding last night, so Susan was up for long stretches of time tending to her. I imagine we'll be going to bed before too long yet again. Hopefully, a week from now we'll all be sleeping through the night. What a concept!

Our excitement for the evening was that Susan saw a baby snake under the carport. We all went out to take a closer look at it and it got quite perturbed by me in particular (I guess I got too close to it), and it coiled up and shook its tail like a rattlesnake. Although I wasn't too concerned about it, I made sure that it got "relocated" somewhere else besides right up against the house.