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8:00 PM (Susan posting): ALthough I wasn't here for most of it, it sounds like Randall and the girls had a good day. Ashley was here to help, so Randall wasn't too overwhelmed. I went to the dentist today and found out one of my back molars is cracked, so I will be getting a temporary crown tomorrow (which means I'll be driving in to Durham four times this week instead of three). Randall said Sophie was being really bossy today and yelled at Ashley a lot. He had to talk with her several times about using a nice tone of voice and being respectful. Randall also tried out a new strategy today for naps. Because Sophie has been up until nearly 11:00 several night in a row, he decided to try skipping her nap today. She seemed a little tired a few times, but we are eager to see how bedtime goes tonight. It's important to us to have the girls in bed early enough that we can truly enjoy some time alone together without interruption (whether we're talking or just watching TV or a movie).