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8:45 PM (Randall posting): It has been a fairly long day--longer for Susan than for the rest of us, though! Susan left earlier than usual this morning because she had a 7:30 dental appointment to get a crown put in. She was more than a little nervous and anxious about the whole procedure. It sounds like it went mostly okay, but she is sore and tender (her lunch today was mostly mashed potatoes, I think).

I woke up this morning a little after eight (first time in a long time, mind you) when Sophie got up, walked into our room, stood next to the bed and said, "Daddy, the sun came up in my room." We got up and started our morning routine (cheese grits and orange juice). Elisabeth woke up a little while later. Today has been a quiet day at home. I took the girls to lunch at Wendy's just to get out of the house, but that has been the extent of our excitement today.

I noticed today that Sophie's color seems to be coming back a little bit. She's not as pale and she doesn't have dark circles under her eyes (at least not as bad). It was somewhat surprising to notice it because it probably means that we haven't noticed how sickly she has been looking. I went back over some old pictures and even where it was obvious that she has lost some hair, it is more obvious now than ever that she has lost a lot of hair. Much of what she is losing now is actually breaking off about an inch or so away from her scalp. She has noticeable lines in her hair (like roots, almost). I tell everyone that Sophie's hair is like tree rings--we can tell for how long and when she has had treatment.

At the moment, Sophie is laying on her bed facing the office saying, "I love you, Dad. Do you know what I love best? I love you." She did not have a nap today, and I suspect it's the sleepiness speaking.