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10:00 PM Today has been both trying and productive. Trying because Elisabeth is really quite miserable (I can empathize because I'm a little under the weather myself). She has gone from being completely wiped out while watching TV or sleeping to being nearly hysterical over the slightest thing (being unable to blow her nose) to being nearly normal and insisting that she feels good enough to go to the birthday party today (right). Needless to say, she has kept us on our toes.

Today has been productive because Susan and I tackled cleaning out the girls' closets and dressers. Neither girl is about to go without clothes any time soon, which is really pretty amazing because we do not buy much in the way of clothes for them. Both closets were jam-packed with clothes (lots that the girls have outgrown), so we worked off and on all day separating clothes, boxing up the old stuff and re-hanging or re-folding the stuff that still fits. Just guessing, but I think we put away (or plan to give away, in Sophie's case) about half of the clothes in their closets.

Sophie has been happy-go-lucky most of the day today. Given how demanding Elisabeth has been, Sophie has been pretty content to entertain herself most of the time (or at least hanging out in the same room with Susan and me while we went through all the clothes). This evening, after Sophie had brushed her teeth and got ready for bed, she walked up to me and said, "Daddy, I'm bald!" Yes, indeed, she is bald. Technically, there is still some hair there, but it's not much.

Susan plans on staying home with both girls tomorrow while I go to church. Tomorrow afternoon we'll probably be taking Elisabeth to Urgent Care here in Dunn.


aww poor Elisabeth ((hugs))