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10:15 PM Today has been a very full day for all of us. I went to campus (to turn in my paper from last semester--something about finishing pending business before you start new business, I guess) and Susan stayed home with Sophie. The food of the day has been pudding (so I hear). More of the same from Sophie, although it does seem that her disposition seems to be improving.

Today was a cavalcade of Scooby (all Scooby all the time). That, actually, seems to be a good thing. Before, Sophie would quickly tire of even television and go lay down or ask for something to eat. Sophie still seems really, really bloated, and this evening she complained about her feet hurting as she stood at the bathroom sink to brush her teeth. I'm really impatient with this, I know, but it's hard to see Sophie in this condition (although she clearly doesn't worry too much about it).

She does seem to be taking an interest in things like TV and reading books. Tonight at the dinner table she was a little more like her cheerful self, chatty and being silly. She also seems to be laughing more.

Because we were concerned about the weight gain, Susan called UNC and asked about Lasix (we had used it in the first round of chemo, I think, and were considering using it this round). The doctors basically said that it would be more trouble than it was worth and the steroids just needed to work out of her system. They said that we might be able to see some improvement by Sunday (if we can wait that long).

As I drove home today from school and noticed that one of the gas stations we frequent had closed (because of no fuel), I began to panic about getting Sophie to treatment next Tuesday if the gas shortage continues or gets worse. Susan is working from home tomorrow, which will help. Never thought I'd worry about not being able to take Sophie to chemotherapy!

Seriously, though, I am absolutely grief-stricken by what's happening in Louisiana (and Mississippi. and Alabama. and Florida). I spent three years in New Orleans as a student and to see what has happened and what is happening to that area is just heartbreaking. A handful of friends still live there and while they all seem to be alright, things will never the same for a long, long time. I read a story about the evacuation of Children's Hospital (where I volunteered as an undergraduate at Tulane), and my heart went out to the children and their families as they go through this ordeal. I can't imagine how we would handle relocating Sophie for treatment if such a disaster struck here.


Congratulations on getting your paper done! I can well remember having papers hanging over me and getting heavier...and heavier... It's a real relief to have it out of the way.

I hope you are seeing an improvement in Sophie today. She really has been a real little trooper through this. She has such a strong and positive little spirit. I really admire her -- and the rest of her family for handling all this so well.

Mom continues to do a bit better. We have two doctors appointments today, so that will tire her, but I think she will manage okay.

I look forward to two days off. I already have clothes in the wash!

Lots of positive energy and love is coming your way.

glad to see shes feeling a little better :)