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10:00 PM: Just another Manic Sunday (with apologies to the Bangles). I stayed home with the girls this morning while Randall did the church thing. There was a breakfast at church this morning, so he left pretty early. We enjoyed ourselves this morning, and Elisabeth has felt good at times and not so good. Shannon at church (who is a teacher at Elisabeth's school) told us that they have been seeing a lot of cases of strep. When we heard that, we decided we had better get Elisabeth to Urgent Care for a test. The only one in Dunn was closed today (they're usually open), so I drove her to Fayetteville. I wasn't surprised to hear the doctor say the test came back positive. So she's on an antibiotic (biaxin) and will stay home from school (and dance lessons) tomorrow. She should be able to go back to school on Tuesday. We also called Sophie's oncology team to tell the doctor on call what we had learned and to find out whether we needed to do anything special for Sophie, since her counts are so low right now. She said to just keep them separated from each other. They can be in the same room as long as they don't share cups, touch each other, or be near enough for Elisabeth to cough on Sophie. That's pretty much what we had been doing all weekend, so we hope Sophie will avoid getting it.

As requested, I finally got some pictures (from June through September, so there are lots) posted of Elisabeth and Sophie. (Click on their names to go to their photo archives). Sophie has lost nearly all of her hair, as you can see in this picture Randall took of us this afternoon. Randall and I were able to go to Bible Study (started a new one on The Lord's Prayer) and out to a quick dinner tonight. Thanks to Frankie from church for sitting.