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11:00 PM Sorry it has taken so long to post, but it has been a full evening. Susan went to work early this morning, and both girls were home with me today. Elisabeth is clearly feeling better, as she had plenty of energy (and sass) most of the day today. I'm glad she's feeling better, although she has been a handful. Sophie is Sophie, and I spent a fair amount of the day getting the two of them to stop bickering over this, that, and the other. All things considered, I'm thankful that both girls feel well enough to play (and not watch TV), and playing always brings about "creative differences."

Home health care came today and that visit went very well. Sophie insisted that everything Amy (the nurse) did to Sophie, she needed to do to her puppy dog (a stuffed toy). It was very cute. I spoke later this afternoon with the oncology clinic at UNC, and Sophie's counts are still too low to continue this phase of the treatment. At this point in the game, we are no longer surprised. Sophie seems to take a long time to recover her immune system, and this phase of the treatment seems to be no different. Her counts are actually borderline this time, so I imagine that by this time next week, she'll be good to go.


I have no idea how I came across your website, but I enjoy looking at all the lovely photos of your family.

I will definitely keep all of you, especially Sophie, in my daily prayers.

May you all find strength and comfort in your faith.