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8:30 PM: Elisabeth and Randall were at school today, so Sophie and I were on our own at home. We had a nice morning and ran some errands and had lunch out, followed by a nice afternoon nap. It continues to fascinate me to see how strangers respond to Sophie when they see her. She loves it when people pay attention to her. When we went to the local bakery (Sherry's) to order the cake (Strawberry Shortcake theme) for Elisabeth's birthday, the lady who helped us sent us home with two cupcakes for the girls. Sophie was thrilled and couldn't wait to surprise Elisabeth. Elisabeth's school is cancelled tomorrow because of Hurricane Ophelia (a little over-cautious if you ask me), so Eilsabeth and Sophie will be home with Randall tomorrow (both girls home twice in one week--how lucky can a guy get??).

The best news of the day is that we seem to be making some progress on getting some in-home day care. My friend Jamie at work has helped us research several options. One thing she suggested is that we look into having our home health care agency send an aide. She even looked up the tax laws for us. Sampson Home Health has found a person willing to do this for us on a half-time basis (mornings on the days she doesn't have treatment), and we're going to get the application filled out tomorrow. I hope we'll have someone coming within a few days. That will make a huge difference in our ability to work, and an aide will probably be more comfortable handling Sophie than a nanny or babysitter would.

In the fall, we can always tell what's being harvested around here by seeing what has fallen in our yard each day. Today, there were turkey feathers, cotton, and a tobacco leaf. We also see a lot of log and pig trucks drive by, but luckily, those things don't tend to fall into the yard. It's fun living out in the country.


It was so sweet, Haley just asked me to look up Sophie.com so she could check on Sophie. I hope it works out for you to get an aide in the home. That would be great. We look forward to Elisabeth's party. Wish her a Happy Birthday from us tommorow on her official birthday. Laura