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8:30 PM Elisabeth had a wonderful birthday at home today. School was cancelled because of hurricane Ophelia. For the most part we got a pretty decent rain and some modest winds, but nothing worth getting frantic about. Elisabeth tore through her presents first thing in the morning and spent the rest of the day playing and having fun. The girls played together a lot, frequently running afoul of each other, which has been one of my greatest challenges today. It was particularly problematic because the phone was ringing off the hook between folks wishing Elisabeth a happy birthday and other folks wanting to know if Family Night was cancelled at church (it was, if only because enough people were likely to stay home no matter how nice it got this evening--it's sort of the least common denominator effect in a small congregation). We were all disappointed that we didn't have the time to visit with folks, but there will be other opportunities. But on the up-side, the Brocks brought over the casserole they made for the potluck, so dinner was not a problem!

Sophie seems to be doing very, very well. She's regained lots of energy and spunk (which means that we've had a couple of "talks" today and one pretty serious timeout). We're virtually certain that the chemo will resume next week, so we're enjoying this break while we've got it. I was telling someone yesterday that we used to not enjoy these "breaks" all that much because there was this desire to keep moving and keep the process going forward. I don't know about Susan, but I'm over that now. A break is great!

I'm completely used to Sophie being bald now. I know that it means lots of attention when we're out in public, but it looks more or less natural to me anymore. Besides, I like rubbing the top of her noggin! All around her head there is already a very fine "halo" of blond, almost white hair. It's pretty amazing to realize that as quickly as her old hair died and fell out, there is already the hint of new growth.


so glad shes getting better :) ((hugs))