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9:15 PM Susan and Sophie apparently had a good day at home together (I was on campus for most of the day). Usually we go out in the morning as a family and wait for Elisabeth's bus. Lately, Sophie has been riding her tricycle and this week, she has decided that she's not ready to go inside once the bus leaves. Fortunately, it has been pretty pleasant in the mornings this past week, so one of us (this morning it was Susan) stays outside with Sophie while she rides around. Just a little indicator about how much energy she has these days.

We have been noticing that Sophie has a really, really hard time with steps (there aren't many around here, but she gets up them like someone's grandmother--very gingerly). We'll mention that to the doctors on Tuesday (assuming, of course, that we resume treatment next week). One worrisome side effect of the chemotherapy drugs is the potential for the bones in the hip joint to basically deteriorate and die, causing long-term problems. Generally, the doctors check her gait at the clinic, but she never has to go up stairs.

One thing I neglected to post last night was that Elisabeth had a run-in with an electrical outlet the other night. Susan had bought a plug-in vaporizer because Elisabeth had been so congested with her head cold, and apparently, Elisabeth either pulled the plug out or was attempting to put it back in when it gave her a jolt. She was understandably quite shaken and pretty much refused to sleep in her room for the rest of the night (she went to sleep in our room and then moved to the couch). It was pretty traumatic for all of us, but she seems no worse for the wear. This is actually her second negative experience with electrical outlets, but that's another story.

Sophie enjoys going out on errands and doing stuff. I suspect she has grown accustomed to getting all kinds of attention--as if she needed it! I really, really do think that her hair has already started to grow in. It probably wouldn't show up in a picture, but it's there!