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10:30 PM: I think we could get used to this home health aide thing. We got Elisabeth off to school this morning and were having breakfast when the aide arrived. Her name is Shatesha, and Sophie (who calls her "Tesha") really likes her. She was shy while we were finishing breakfast, but they were best friends before long. They played outside, they played inside, they laughed, and they cleaned Sophie's room! They did watch a bit of a Barbie DVD, but for the most part, they avoided TV. Needless to say, it was a very productive morning for us parents.

Shatesha left at 1:00, and we all laid down for a nap. I started to feel some irritation in my sinuses and didn't sleep long. As I was working, my throat started to feel very sore, and my temperature was 101. I decided to go to Urgent Care, just in case I had picked up Elisabeth's strep. The test was negative, and I probably have a virus. The doctor told me to gargle with hydrogen peroxide and take ibuprofin for fever and discomfort. Mostly, my nose is sore from constant blowing. This was the same Urgent Care where I took Sophie the day she was eventually diagnosed, and the staff was really happy to get an update and hear that she's doing well.

Elisabeth had a good day at school and is looking forward to her party tomorrow. She continues to get cards in the mail and birthday wishes in person and by phone, which makes her happy.


Happy Birthday Elisabeth! Your friends in California hope you have a super day!