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10:30 PM As usual, another busy, busy Sunday. Everyone was so happy to see Sophie at church--I had forgotten how long it had been since she's been there. The best part was going out to lunch afterwards, something else I had forgotten that we used to do. Honestly, so much of our lives has been just getting by that we have begun to take for granted that Sophie's health and treatment will constantly impact our day-to-day activities. Today was a little glimpse, perhaps, of what is in store for us in the future.

Elisabeth spent the better part of the day playing with all of her new presents. Sophie and Susan took a brief nap this afternoon (Susan is still not feeling well). I had a meeting this afternoon at church, Bible Study this evening, and Susan and I went out to eat afterwards (discovered a new restaurant in Fayetteville that we will definitely be returning to). Patti from church came and sat with the girls during all of that. She seemed to enjoy herself and the three of them made cookies--babysitting and free chocolate chip cookies (talk about spoiling the preacher!).

As frantic as today has been, this week will be even more so. Home health nurse comes tomorrow to do bloodwork and I'm 90% certain Sophie's counts will be high enough to resume treatment on Tuesday. Of course, that means a trip to Chapel Hill on Tuesday. Susan has a two-day meeting Wednesday and Thursday, so I'll be home alone with the girls on Wednesday evening. I've got a fair amount of reading and other assignments to take care of this week, and church work is starting to pile up as well. Through all of that, my primary focus is on Sophie's treatment this week. Although this break has been particularly wonderful, if we're going to have to resume the treatment (as if we have a choice), I'm ready to resume it sooner rather than later.

Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers and wonderful comments! It's such a blessing to know that folks care about our family and are keeping up with our life together through all of this.