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7:30 PM: It's good to be home! Sophie was so excited to see me when I arrived just after lunch. She's doing really well with all the chemo. She hasn't had any nausea or vomiting and seems to have lots of energy. As Randall mentioned, her appetite seems smaller than normal, but maybe it is normal and we had just gotten used to the huge amounts of food she was eating when she was on steroids.

I'm starting to feel better, although I'm still pretty congested and tired, and my throat is still bothering me a little. I won't plan to drive in tomorrow, and I probably won't work a full 8 hours.

We have big plans this weekend. A local family whose daughter Madison also has leukemia is organizing a benefit to raise money for Road to Life--an organization that supports childhood cancer families at Duke. Madison just turned five and has one year of maintenance treatment left. The event includes a 100-mile motorcycle ride, an auction, BBQ plates, and lots of activities for children, including pony rides, games, and face painting. We would encourage anyone living in this area to come support the event. It starts in the morning at 9:00 and runs most of the day (we'll probably go mid-afternoon). There will be a ceremony at 4:00 or so at which they will recognize local children (including Sophie) who have cancer. There will be ten families with living children and one family who lost a child. The event is being held at Stillwater Lodge--3636 Holly Grove Rd.--in Dunn near the intersection of NC 242 and NC 55.


Hi, At one point in time I had thought that I would be able to attend the upcoming weekend event. Now that I have Adriane and Nathan, it just isn't an easy task. The confounding event is that Trinity is being dedicated this weekend. Christopher's and Trish's church doesn't believe in infant baptism either. They are also being taken in as members of their church. I thought they had done that before, but I guess not.
Praise the Lord, the kids FINALLY has started school! The first two days have gone pretty well. They seem to be liking it and the teachers. They say they have made some friends. I just know that I like the little bit of "free" time away from the bickering.
The behavior of the kids seems to be improving some too. I have decided to disobey the PA law that says kids have to be eleven before they ride in the front seat. Adriane is almost as tall as I am and weighs 149 pounds. The troopers can hardly say she isn't the size of a small adult. It has significantly decreased the fighting in the car which is helpful. I have started sticker charts and a chart with the responsibilities for each day. Adriane didn't get a full sized sticker tonight. She fought with me for hours over her spelling words. She didn't want to do them. She wrote each word ten times plus three or four more times. The sad part is that she still misses about half of the words. Who knows what will happen tomorrow for the test.
I am glad that Sophie is doing so well. I am sure that you are appreciating her being more like her old self and decreasing in size.
I still haven't ordered Elisabeth's birthday doll. It is on my list of things to do. That to do list doesn't seem to get completed many days.
Have a great time this weekend. Enjoy being with others who have walked or are walking the same journey as you are. Some folks will have some good advice and others may not, just take the good and leave the bad behind. I think it is wonderful that a family who has lost a child feels so strongly about the organization that they continue to participate.
Hugs and kisses all around. Enjoy your weekend.

Although we havn't met, and hadn't spoke until today,we have been lifting your whole family up in prayer for months. Sophie is beautiful! It always amazes me how these children who go through so much still smile so big. It really teaches all of us a lesson! Can't wait to see you Saturday!

so glad shes getting better!!!!!!!! ((hugs))