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7:30 PM: Today almost felt like a Saturday. It was pretty nice! Shatesha came and took care of Sophie (and did a little cleaning, which we really appreciate and feel slightly guilty about, but it is part of the agreement we have with home health, so we shouldn't feel guilty). Randall and I were able to go out to lunch together, which we really enjoyed and hadn't been able to do in a long time. Sophie and I both took a long nap this afternoon. We're having a guest preacher at church this Sunday, so Randall hasn't had to work on a sermon this week. He's doing really well keeping up with his schoolwork, and it's been a pretty low-stress week (even with me gone for one night). That's been very nice.

I gave Sophie her last chemo injection (Cytarabine) for the week earlier tonight. She's taking some chemo (Thioguanine) by mouth every day for two weeks and will do the chemo injections again next week. Normally we crush up the oral medications and give them to her with a spoonful of yogurt, but Thioguanine can't be taken with dairy. Intead of taking it with something like applesauce or peanut butter, she prefers to just chew it up. She never complains about it and says it doesn't taste bad. We go to the clinic again on Tuesday for a spinal tap with full sedation.

We're really looking forward to tomorrow's Road to Life event (see yesterday's entry for details) and to homecoming on Sunday (service at 11:00 followed by a potluck lunch--Wesley Chapel UMC on Highway 13).


its been a while since i have been able to check the web sights. my family had a bit of its own drama the last couple of weeks but im glad to read that sophie is doing well. i looked up her recent picture and couldnt believe how much she glows. more and more she is an absolute angel and i am so honored to have been able to spend time with her and your family. its been a true privilege. I hope to be able to return soon. best wishes Dawn

Thanks for reminding us about Road to Life. We may go and really hope it works out where we can, however, my neice has a soccer game and really wants us there but, we may be able to do both. It just depends, Dave will be OOT so I will have the three. Sophie is such a BIG girl about taking her medicine, I know that makes it much easier on Mom and Dad. Take care and hope to see ya' there. Laura