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9:30 PM: It was a day full of church! I guess that's not surprising for a Sunday in a preacher's household. We actaully had a pretty low-key morning before we headed to church. Everyone slept a little later than we normally do. Our church nromally has worship at 9:30 and Sunday school at 10:45, but we switched things around this morning for Homecoming Sunday. Several of us practiced and sang a hymn for the special music, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. (I hope we'll do it again soon--I miss singing in a choir). Randall led most of the worship service, and we had a guest preacher who did a combination of singing and speaking. All of this was followed by a covered dish lunch. We headed home for a short nap (I'm not sure the girls slept at all, but I did). Then there was a tupperware party in the fellowship hall at church that Elisabeth and I went to. After that, we were home for just a short time before we headed back for Bible study (we had a sitter). Randall and I had a nice dinner out and enjoyed the conversation on the way to and back from Fayetteville. The girls were both wide awake when we got home at 9:20 (on a school night!), but they're both quiet now.

I was a little worried about Sophie this morning when she fell asleep during the worship service. It's rare for her to nap in the morning, and she has just not been eating very much, so I was concerned that her blood sugar might have dropped. But just around lunch time, she woke up and was in a very perky mood. We've had a very nice weekend. It actually felt pretty normal since Randall didn't have to spend Saturday working on a sermon. That break was very nice, but I know he's looking forward to getting back to preaching this week. It's a part of his job that he really enjoys preparing for and carrying out.