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8:30 PM: Just when we think things are going smoothly with Sophie she has a little setback. Last night, around 3:30, she crawled into bed with us (and Randall went to her bed, since it was a little crowded). Sophie seemed uncomfortable and was gruntingm exhaling, and squirming a lot. She said she needed to go to the bathroom, so I took her, and not long after that, she said she felt like she was about to be sick. I asked her if she was going to be sick, and she insisted that she had said she was "about" to be sick. I asked her if her tummy was upset and she said yes, so I gave her some zofran. After 20 more minutes of squirming, she threw up. Luckily, I had grabbed a little bowl for her to throw up in, so we didn't have to do much cleaning up. She very sweetly asked Randall to get us a paper towel so I could wipe her mouth, and then she slept soundly until 8:00. Because she was taking just a half pill of thioguanine on the weekends, we had skipped the dose of zofran, thinking the smaller amount of chemo wouldn't cause any nausea. This is a new medicine for us, so now we know and will be sure to precede every dose of thioguanine with zofran. Once again, thank goodness for insurance. Each bottle of zofran costs over $100 (our copay is $20), and there are 10 doses in a bottle.

Both girls have been extra crabby today. Sophie was really bossy with Shatesha, and after she woke up from her nap today, she cried for nearly a half hour and never did really explain why she was upset. Elisabeth seems especially unhapy and unsettled. She said she had a hard day at school today, and after Randall had driven her all the way to dance class (20 minutes each way), she cried nonstop until he finally brought her home. We want her to stick with her commitments, but we don't want to force her to dance if she's not physically feeling well (and with the way she was acting, it was hard to tell if it was emotional or physical). She has also been chewing and sucking on things a lot (objects, her clothes, her thumb), and we worry that she may be feeling anxiety over Sophie that she can't express. She says she's just chewing on things because she's working on a loose tooth. Maybe it's a little bit of both.


I'm sorry the girls are having a tough time, which makes it tougher for the two of you. Know that I'm sending lots of encouraging and positive energy to all of you.

I went to work today -- and things seem to have gone OK. I ended up staying home yesterday -- Mom wasn't feeling so great.

Let's hope that EVERYONE has a good day tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses to all.

PS: I stopped at Lowes and picked up the light bulb. THANKS!

Sorry about your unsettled afternoon and night, I know how necessary it is to get that much needed sleep. Hopefully the nausea will not return to Sophie. And for Elisabeth, I hope she has a much better day as well. Sometimes we just can't put a finger on the problem we just know they aren't quiet themselves. Believe me when I tell you, having an adult daughter doesn't take away my feeling that great responsibility of making sure everything is ok or at least the best it can possibly be at the time for our precious children.Thank God for parents that care and love their children unconditionally.You guys are doing great!!! Love and prayers Deanna

Just wanted to say hi.

Miracles & Blessings,
Deneen :-)

aww :( im praying for you guys ((hugs))