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7:15 PM: I don't know why I insist on going to bed at our normal time (after 11:00) when I know I have to get up extra early to take Sophie to clinic. With just 5 hours of sleep behind me, I got ready to take Sophie to clinic. I was all ready to go and had everything packed up. I took several trips to the car to take the backpack with her things in it, her blanket, plenty of coffee, etc. It was only when I got to the parking lot in Chapel Hill that I realized I had forgotten my purse. The consequences of this oversight weren't immediately obvious, as the first thought that came to my mind was that I was lucky I didn't get pulled over on the way in and would have to be careful not to speed on the way home. As we approached the check-in desk, I realized I didn't have the hospital and insurance cards they always require we show every time we come for treatment. They let us check in without them. I didn't have my phone, and we were supposed to be meeting Randall for lunch. They let me use the phone to call Randall several times (long distance). We finished up early (9:15) and decided to just come on home instead of meeting Randall. I didn't have any money to pay for parking, but the attendant waived the fee. I drove very carefully and reasonably all the way home (I like to think I always drive carefully and reasonably, but I was very conscious of it!).

Sophie had her normal agitated reaction to the prospect of being in the procedure room. She just gets upset every time since they tried to do the waking sedation months ago. We immediately pulled her out and they gave her something to calm her down (versed, maybe?) before using the full sedation. She was a loopy little kid when we took her back in the room, but she still had the energy to fuss before they knocked her out. The doctor said the spinal tap went well, and when she came out to the recovery room, it took her a long time to wake up (longer than I've ever seen it take her). They like to have only one sleeping child in the room at a time, so they usually force us to wake her up as the next child is coming in, but the girl who came in after Sophie was wide awake when she came in, so she got to snooze a little longer. Once she was awake, they gave her a squirt of Cytarabine and we were on our way.

Since we got out of there so early and her counts are still at a reasonable level, we decided to go visit Ms. Lottie (her former daycare provider when we lived in Durham). They were so happy to see each other. All of the kids who were there when Sophie was have graduated, but she had a good time playing with the ones who were over 18 months. Sophie was unhappy about coming home but was happy to watch a video on the way. She had a very short nap, so I'm hoping for an early bed time tonight.


((hugs)) so much for such a little girlie girl. im praying for you