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9:30 PM: I learned my lesson from the night before and went to bed at 9:00 last nght. Even so, when the alarm went off at 5:15, I still felt like a few more hours would have done me good. Regardless, I had a productive, full day at work today. Randall had a really good day too and feels like he's starting to stay on top of things instead of always playing catch-up.

It sounds like both girls had a good day, and it was a happy reunion when I arrived after a long drive. The oddest thing for me is that while I was gone today, I had somehow lost the mental image of her bald head, so I was kind of surprised to see her in her beautiful smocked dress with no hair. Weird. Sophie decided to start giggling differently today, so she now has a "fake" giggle that is impossible to describe in words but is really cute to listen to. Funny Sophie story: we were driving the other day, and Sophie said, "There's a cow. There's another. There's two nothers!"

Things are going well with Sophie's medications tihs week. We're giving her zofran for nausea every day, and she doesn't mind taking her medicines. It's still very odd and powerful for me to be injecting chemo into my own child. This stuff is so dangerous we have to wear protective clothing to administer it, dispose of the syringe in a special box, and we have a chemo "spill kit" an hand in case the stuff leaks out. And we're putting this into our child. And she happily sits still, chatting away about the pretty blue gloves. It's a big deal and no big deal all at the same time.