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9:15 PM: Sophie is really starting to feel better. She was only up one time during the night (although we were both up with her for quite some time because she had an accident and we had to change the sheets). Her body is releasing so many fluids, she really can't go very long without having to urinate, and she had been sleeping from 8:30 to 3:00.

Randall was nice enough to let me sleep in this morning (until 10:00--what a luxury!). I woke up listening to the girls playing nicely (mostly) together in Sophie's room with their dolls. Sophie spent much of today playing, singing, or dancing, either with Elisabeth or by herself. She is often still quick to get angry about something if she doesn't get her way, but we're starting to see improvements.

Today, she was in a size 6 dress (and it's tight), but I do believe she's starting to "deflate". She doesn't feel as heavy when we pick her up, and her face looks a little smaller. She continues to lose hair. I've pretty much gotten past my feelings over that, superficial though they are.

We continue to feel great sadness and anxiety over the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Randall has arranged the whole church service tomorrow to remember and support those affected by the hurricane. I hope it will be a comfort to the congregation and will motivate them to do everything they can to help. This tragedy really puts things into perspective and makes us feel thankful for everything we have.


I am so glad Sophie is feeling better day by day. I could tell how miserable she felt last Saturday. Haley has a bad cold too. She has a cough and is sneezing. She is really upset about it and blames it on all of those kids in her room who real not cover their mouths when they cough or noses when they sneeze. She's probaly right. I see Elisabeth every day at school - she is always smiling, waving, or giving me a hug. She's a sweetie. My heart also goes out to the people in Lousiana. We are raising money at school. I wish there were more I could do. Take care and have a great weekend. Laura

I am so happy that Sophie is getting back to her old self -- and how nice to hear from Laura that her "viewing" of Elisabeth was such a nice one!

I had a busy day yesterday -- perhaps a bit too busy as I suddenly got very tired, but had a good night's sleep. Mom felt very good yesterday, so we had a happy day.

Dale and I spent a lot of our phone call talking about the aftermath of Katrina. It is hard to take in how devastating it was. It's good to hear that so much suppport is going out.

Much love to all.